// March 8th, 2014

AMAZING 14TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW! We are excited to announce that Jackie Scott, the extraordinary blues singing force from Norfolk, Virginia will be joining us for our 14th Anniversary Show at the Iron Post in Urbana, Illinois on Saturday, 26th of April. This is going to be huge. Blues in the 757 will pay a visit to the 217! Details to follow!

GREAT SHOWS ON TAP We are going back to Stevie Ray's in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, heading out to Beer Geeks in Highland, Indiana to play with the Gerry Hundt, going to do another one of those big weekend afternoon things at the Willow Ridge Winery near Shelbyville, Illinois, and we end March with a Blue Monday for the Central Illinois Blues Club in Springfield. And in between and all around it is D.R. Digger's, Adam's Apple & Barb's Place, the Friendly in Decatur, the Clark Bar, Cafe Brio, and the Iron Post. Check the "Shows" page for details.

WEFT SESSION! WEFT-FM in Champaign, Illinois has bands into the studio to perform live. We are going to do that on Monday, 24 March at 10 p.m. CDT. Join us on the radio. We've got some new songs we are working on, and if you live at a distance, this may be your first chance to hear these tunes.

DOWN THE ROAD we are looking to put together our first true tour of the year, looks like we will be going out to the East Coast the end of May-early June. See you

SINCE WE GOT HOME FROM EUROPE we have had a blast. There have been really fun shows-- at Huber's in Champaign, several really good nights at the Iron Post in Urbana, Illinois (Abraham Johnson's birthday party!), the Clark Bar, Stevie Ray's, Sophie's, The Adam's Apple in Decatur, Bonkers in Bloomington, Illinois, and the Player's Pub in Bloomington, Indiana, an off the hook thing at a place called Buvons on the night in closed-- and more. We had one of those unforgettable nights at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale, Mississippi. And one of those wild deals at Blues City Deli in St. Louis. Andrew has done a few solo, not-acoustic, shows, including a little fundraiser for WEFT-FM at the Indi Go Gallery in Champaign where he was joined by Joe Asselin and Josh Spence. Many thanks to all the venue operators and blues societies that include us on your bills, and to you all and all you all who come out to these shows!

DID SOMEONE SAY "EUROPE"? Local shows can really get you, the people we meet, what we learn, the privilege of interacting with people through music; touring around the USA has been an amazing education. Touring in other countries can just tie knots in the tail of what you think you know, who you think people are. We use a lot of what the English teachers call "superlatives" in these notes-- amazing, extraordinary, great, unforgettable-- every one true, by the way. But the sweet words hit the wall, when it comes to describing the generosity we were treated with in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands, and the love we have been shown in greater-London. So instead of wearing out the thesaurus and still not getting it quite right, we want to give our deepest thanks to Patrick in Basel, and Jurgen and Patrick in Belgium, and Michael & Markus & the Friedrichsdorf gang in Germany, and Trus in The Netherlands, and Steve & Bonnie, John, Becky, Michael, Richard (drums!), Andy, Colson, Ron, Russ, Fabio, Big Joe, Jessie, Gordon, Howard, Jenner, Gary, Al, Todd in London-- and the rest who took care of us and supported our music. We are tremendously grateful we were able to include Abraham Johnson in much of this tour, and we especially thank Blues Now! in Switzerland for initiating this tour, and putting our music before a large and enthusiastic audience.

HEY! Tear Chicago Down cds are in. Get a copy or three for all your loved ones next time you see us, or from your local recorded music retailer via Burnside Distributing.

THE DON ODELL’S LEGENDS videos recorded in Massachusetts in May have enjoyed a big viewership. We can’t stress enough these are the highest quality combination audio and video out there on Kilborn Alley.
If you haven’t checked these out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbB6-40A0Vg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhtZihWlm0g are a couple to begin with. Copy the links and send them to your friends. Maybe also to the folks who run your local live music festivals.

SOMEONE JERKED OUR CHAIN THE OTHER DAY to let us know you can now see the entire "Jubilee: A Celebration of American Music" episode dedicated to our most recent appearance at the 2010 W.C. Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival at Henderson, Kentucky. See this offering from KET at http://www.ket.org/jubilee/program.fwx?programid=JUBI1512 and support this fine American roots music series by asking your PBS stations to run it or keep running it.

YOU WANNA SEE ED singing and playing harp? Check out this video from our December show at Memphis on Main in Champaign, Illinois: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbEkHa_xGjU

SPECIAL THANKS. Years ago in an interview we were asked about our clean traditional guitar sound and never having any effects pedals on stage, and our pithy Josh replied, "We don't play amplifiers, we play guitars." Dude. Well, the fine folks at Big Joe Stomp Box sent Andrew and Josh their "stomp box," and we are really having fun with them. Andrew especially likes to use his to punch up his guitar solos. More cracklin' tube fun for everyone.

WE REMIND our friends in Champaign County that it is time to renew your membership in the Prairie Crossroads Blues Society, and that our friends in Macon should re-up with the Decatur Blues Society, our friends in McLean should join or rejoin the Blues Blowtorch Society, that our friends in Sangamon County need to be sure they are members of the Illinois Central Blues Club, our friends in Peoria and Tazewell counties need to get up to date with the River City Blues Society, and our pals in Kankakee County need to pester James Walker about how they can make a contribution to his amazing "Friends of the Blues."

WEFT-FM (and streaming on-line throughout planet Earth) has blues Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 2 Central Time (US). We are especially drawn to the Tuesday show, usually hosted by our pal Dave Wright, and with frequent guest fill-in, Mr. Andrew Duncanson. It is interesting, given basically a whole room of blues albums to pick from, to see what Andrew plays. Listen to WEFT, try to read the tea leaves of Andrew's inscrutable tastes.

HOPE YOU LOOK AROUND the site, now you are here. The Press page has been spiffed up and now takes you to a bunch of recent reviews, The Media page has downloadable photos, our album covers, song samples, and video links. We are contemplating adding even more. Jessie Gillan, librarian extraordinaire and jill of all honorable trades in Gotham City, makes this possible.

DON'T BE BASHFUL about following us on Twitter, friending us on Facebook, or on Myspace. Myspace is usually the first place we update new shows; it has remained an exceptionally good platform for a band to present itself, even though it has lagged in general use. We can't tell you what this means, but we have over 9,000 Myspace friends, over 102, 000 profile views, and over 58,000 song plays.

CHECK THE SHOWS PAGE, and just check back often to see what we're doing!

DID YOU KNOW, or maybe you knew and forgot, Kilborn Alley Blues Band has a distribution agreement with Burnside Distribution Corporation of Portland, Oregon? What this means is, when you are looking for the four Blue Bella releases, BETTER OFF NOW, TEAR CHICAGO DOWN, and PUT IT IN THE ALLEY have your local records store contact BDC about getting the cds.

. . . it is the music which changes the place from the rear room of a
saloon in back of the yards to a fairy place, a wonderland, a little
corner of the high mansions of the sky.

---Upton Sinclair, The Jungle (1906)

Best Band

The Kilborn Alley Blues Band does gritty Chicago blues and southern fried soul for all the generations of blues lovers. This music speaks for itself; better still, it convinces you to listen.

Andrew Duncanson - vocals, guitar
Josh Stimmel - guitar
Chris Breen - electric bass guitar
Ed O'Hara - drums, vocals

Abraham Johnson - guest vocals
Dave Fauble - guest saxophone

Anthony Decerbo - drums '00
Brian Johnson - harmonica '00
Yasufumi Sono - drums '00
Joe Asselin - harmonica '00 - '09
Jaden Brooks - drums '00 - '05
Will Smith - drums '05
"Deak Harp" - harmonica '09 -'10

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